Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Don't Have To Wear That Get-Up, Do I?

Your Score: Shao Kahn

55% Evil, 75% Intelligence, 85% Common Sense

Shao Kahn is the current Emperor of Outworld, after having overthrown the former Emperor. Employing clever strategies and effective uses of his vast armies, he laid siege to dimension after dimension, conquering and then fusing them into Outworld itself. In recent times, he has set his sights on Earth (known as Earthrealm in Outworld), and has sent forth several of his minions to sow the seeds of chaos among Earthrealm to prepare for his eventual attack.

Shao Kahn has a rating of moderate evilness. His ability to plan his attacks and effectively manage the resources of the many fused realms of Outworld also reveals a moderate level of intelligence and a high level of common sense.


You will die, mortal!
Source of Overlord: Mortal Kombat

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