Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yes, It's Yet Another Meme, But At Least This Time It's One With Some Content.

I feel like I ought to apologize for the recent utterly content-free nature of this blog, not that I imagine anybody ever comes here looking for Deep Thoughts and Meaningful Insights. I blame day shifts, which seem to have the effect of pretty much shutting down my higher brain functions, as well as making my free time seem seriously constricted, what with having to have an actual bedtime. I did have some sort of not-quite-a-rant in my head about how I find I longer take much pleasure in the hard science fiction sub-genre (or at least the vast majority of it), prompted by reading Benford and Brin's Heart of the Comet, which I'm sure I would have liked much better if I'd read it in 1986 as I'd originally planned. But I never quite managed to care enough to organize my vague'n'scattered thoughts into a post. If anybody out there is actually interested in hearing about that, though, feel free to give me a prod and maybe later, when I'm sufficiently bored, I'll get around to it.

In the meantime -- heh, I nearly typed "in the memetime" -- here's that "currently" meme again.

Current clothes: Gray sweat pants. Black t-shirt that says "I'm blogging this." (Heh.) White crew socks. No shoes.

Current mood: Pretty good.

Current music: Most recently, some random-shuffle stuff on the iPod, none of which I really remember. Before that, the soundtrack from Shrek.

Current annoyance: Not too annoyed about anything today. Mainly because I don't have to work. Having to work for a living is probably the biggest annoyance in my life, but there's hardly much point to bitching about that.

Current thing: Up 'til this weekend, it was pretending, with some success but little enthusiasm, to be a day person. Fortunately, I'm back on evenings now, and after that I work nights for several weeks. This is in some respects an inconvenience, but I find it something of a relief. There are too many people around during the day. It makes me feel weirdly claustrophobic.

Current desktop picture: This picture of a lunar eclipse and a lighthouse.

Current book: Conservatize Me by John Moe, a non-fiction book about a guy from Seattle who finds himself drifting slightly from his lifelong liberal viewpoint and decides to explore that by steeping himself in red-state culture and Republican rhetoric, to see if it's possible to convert himself to conservatism. Moe's a pretty funny writer, so it's an entertaining read, and I think the book does make an actual contribution towards bipartisan understanding.

Current song in head: "Proud to Be an American" by Lee Greenwood. Because John Moe mentiones this song over and over and over in his book. Apparently listening to this damned song on continuous loop is a fundamental part of the American conservative experience. Moe and I both agree that that this song is utter drivel, and I may never forgive him for putting it back in my head. I am still traumatized by memories of being stuck in the car with my country-music-loving mother on long trips during which this freakin' song would be played approximately once every fifteen minutes. Aaargh! I keep attempting to eradicate it by playing the theme song to I Dream of Jeannie in my brain, which historically has a strong record of getting badly stuck in there and driving everything else out, but I have had only mixed success. Damn you, John Moe!

Current DVD in player: Disc two of season three of Stargate SG-1. So far, this seems to be kind of an uneven season, but Stargate fans assure me that it is, overall, a good one. The last episode I watched featured Jack O'Neill teaching alien children the meaning of fun, which isn't something I can really bring myself to feel good about.

Current refreshment: Nothing since I finished my morning coffee.

Current worry: Despite getting five doses per day of sundry medicinal concoctions, Vir doesn't seem to be improving any. He also doesn't particularly seem to be getting worse. But if he'd respond to the medication, they'd just diagnose him with asthma and I could stop worrying that he might actually have some sort of horrible affliction heretofore unknown to veterinary science.

Current thought: I'm hungry. And I need to get my laundry in off the line, call my sister, clean the bathroom, scoop the cat litter... I really ought to get off my ass and actually start doing stuff.


  1. The only thing worse than invoking The Dread Lee Greenwood would be to hum the first couple of bars of any Kenny G hit (thankfully, *those* I've successfully purged from the RAM in my auditory data banks -- as fer Greenwood, I may have to resort to continuous mental loops of Riders on the Storm now, thankyouverymuch...)

  2. Hey, if I have to have that thing in my brain, I figure I might as well spread the misery. Which I suspect was also John Moe's motivation. :)

    Hmm. Maybe I should try "Riders on the Storm"...

  3. I used to call into the local classic rock station(WMMR in Philly) to have them play "Riders on the Storm" for me and my PO cronies. One of those being my wife Janice.

  4. I do sort of have "Riders on the Storm" in my head now. It's much more pleasant than Lee Greenwood.

    Erm, how does Janice feel about being called your "crony?" :)

  5. I could have said crone. Thats an "ugly, evil looking old woman". I dont thnk she would appreciate it.

  6. Don't you have packing to do? :)

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